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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

Corporate Lawyers' Business Development

2017 - 05 - 09


It is reported that recent judicial reform propositions in Taiwan have sparked controversies among legal professions. As the result, the number of retiring judges and prosecutors has increased this year and is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Most judges and prosecutors, after leaving their public service, continue their legal careers as attorneys. This makes the already saturated legal-service market even more competitive. Many young legal professionals find it difficult to survive, let alone making decent livings. At eCounsel Group, a rather large emphasis on self-improvement and personal growth for young talents has been placed. Though it is never too late to learn, we understand that one may very well feel worn out having constantly to acquire new skills while shouldering even greater personal plus family responsibilities associated with his aging.

When the supply of a product exceeds the demand, the pressure to reduce price takes place in order to make the product more attractive. The legal service market certainly is no exception. As a result, young lawyers need to differentiate themselves through advanced knowledge of subjects other than simply the law.

Since early this year, our in-house training program “eCounsel Read” has been implemented with the focus on studying “the news, the law and the business model” in depth. The program not only helps build a stronger team within eCounsel Group’s affiliated companies, but also equips our lawyers with cross-disciplinary knowledge and social skills necessary when taking on more challenging tasks. At eCounsel Group, tremendous efforts are dedicated to design an effective and rewarding development scheme.

The undeniable fact is that the number of lawyers has skyrocketed in both Taiwan and elsewhere in the wolrd. With the proliferating advancement of artificial intelligence, it is foreseeable that many jobs in the legal service industry will be essentially replaced by robots. Fortunately, skilled lawyers with interdisciplinary backgrounds are still in great demand.

商務律師 (iv):再談法律專業與商業
「前途堪慮」 法官、檢察官爆離退潮

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To further look into Lee & Li’s case, it is obvious that the root of the problem is the documents regarding all the transactions. 如果更詳細深入探討理律案,我們可以發現在上篇所述問題的癥結點其實就是理律案相關交易中的文件。 理律根據前述華僑及外國人投資證券管理辦法的相關規定代理美商新帝公司來做國內股票的買賣事宜,依約定理律需在中信證券以及彰化銀行開設證券及現金帳戶來處理新帝公司之股票,理律將此事全權交由劉偉杰處理,並且將存摺及印鑑都交由其保管,劉偉杰另外私自在亞洲證券及國泰世華銀行開設另一組帳戶作為私自操作之用。 而開設相關帳戶會有存摺,如證券帳戶以及現金帳戶的存摺,每一次的交易紀錄會記錄在存摺之上,比如說劉偉杰提領、轉存現股至私人帳戶的行為、賣出股票的行為、將款項匯至國外帳戶的行為,這些交易行為都需要有美商新帝公司的授權書證券商及銀行才會核准辦理,因為劉偉杰擁有美商的印鑑所以可以偽造全權授權書來騙過銀行做出這些相關操作。前面另外開設私戶也是使用偽造的授權書。 存摺跟授權書是本案當中的問題所在。理律遲至事後交接才發現弊案,原因是理律本身對於這兩樣文件沒有適當的掌握與控管,連帶的對於這兩者文件上面所承載的重要交易資訊也都無法即時知悉,遑論做出應有的應變,可以說是資訊不充分、不完整而造成的疏失。 在這個案件當中,上級完全信任劉偉杰所以將相關交易所需的印鑑、存摺皆交由其保管,所以劉偉杰能在不被任何人監視的情況下完成提領股票至其私人戶投並與轉賣、匯款至國外的諸多行為而不被發現。在事後工作交接給其他同仁的時候也故意不附上某些重要的交易資料意圖隱瞞。 理想的內部控制方式應該是將劉偉杰所負責的工作交由另一個高階主管與劉偉杰共同處理,而且在任何需要的交易文件上面都必須由該主管與劉偉杰共同用印,而用印之同時該主管必須將該文件予以保存、建檔,確保相關交易資訊可以隨時被掌握與監督,當然這些文件紀錄不能被竄改或刪除,如此一來縱使有人心懷不軌也可以經由明確的紀錄及時發現及制止,預防弊案之發生與擴大。 理律案,小筆記 在理律劉偉杰到賣股票案當中,金額高達三十億的案件竟然只由劉偉杰一個人全權負責,沒有人負責稽核,而他利用上司對他的信任大大方方的把客戶所有的股票據為己有賣的一乾二淨,從容不迫的拿假護照出境離開台灣,等到理律發現的時候早就在某處高興的數鈔票了! 1. 企業當中的重要業務如果只交由一個員工來負責處理,會產生很大的風險,應該盡量交由多人共同辦理。 2. 內部控制本身有許多環節,文件的管理是其不可或缺的核心部分。