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The U.S. Version of GDPR puts Sillicon Valley in Disarray

2018 - 10 - 15

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is regarded as one of the strictest data protection and privacy regulations in the world. In the age of internet, top tech players rely on collecting and analysing consumer data to develop better technology and better service, or in other words, to make more money. However, the Facebook data breach incident shows that with millions of people around the world start registering and using a particular online service, personal data can be easily gathered and used in the wrong way, often by hackers aiming for financial profits or even geopolitical manipulations.

On Wednesday Sep 27, the Senate Commerce Committee and top executives from Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Charter, Google and Twitter had a two and a half hour meeting on potentially passing privacy legislation, after more than a decade of inefficient debate. Although some acknowledge the government’s effort to establish a data policy, others argue that the exclusion of any non-corporate people in the meeting can be a problem.

Although top tech players show willingness and acceptance for a data policy, the degree of governance they agree on is still on the broader principles. This is understandable due to the nature of how these companies handle data differently. In addition, the senators’ ability to understand how data works is also very questionable, as perfectly shown when Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress and tried to answer several very strange questions.

“Even if Congress, Silicon Valley and consumer advocates manage to agree on basic privacy rules, Szoka says, the nitty-gritty details of how that legislation will work in the real world is the tricky part.” – Berin Szoka, President of TechFreedom

The Cybersecurity 202: Senate hearing highlights challenges of crafting national privacy law – Washington Post
Silicon Valley finally pushes for data privacy laws at Senate hearing – The Guardian

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Document Mangement is the Core of Internal Control System

Information and communication is the core among 5 factors of internal controls, and document management is the most important practice of information and communication. 「文件管理」是內部控制制度的核心觀念 資訊與溝通是內部控制五大要素中的核心要素,而「文件管理」則是資訊與溝通中最為重要之實踐。 人類的知識、常識或是各種人類所思、所知的內容都必須藉由特定的媒介才能將其呈現出來而讓他人得以感知、聽聞進而達到溝通之功能,而這些承載人類所思、所知內容的媒介形式,我們即稱之為資訊。 在企業當中的資訊會有哪些媒介形式?傳統紙本資料如契約、訂單、對帳單、往來書信、財務報表….等;數位資料如電子郵件、電子檔案等,這些媒介都是企業所擁有的資訊。 而不論是傳統紙本或是數位檔案,都是本書所謂的「文件管理」所欲涵蓋的「文件」範疇,換句話說,我們可以認為,不管大小、內外、重要與否的所有資訊都是以「文件」的形式存在於企業內部。掌握文件,就掌握了企業內部的所有資訊。 此外,除非有人會「心電感應」或是「讀心術」之類的技巧,否則企業當中仍需藉由「溝通」的過程來達成各種營運目標,而「溝通」主要就是以「文件」的傳遞為主,例如管理階層已發電子郵件之方式下達公司新政策、業務部門接到訂單後傳真給工廠生產線、內部稽核人員撰寫稽核報告呈交董事會等。 經由這個溝通的過程,資訊本身才能發揮其功能,這正是之所以資訊與溝通這麼密不可分的緣故。缺乏資訊,溝通猶如失根蘭花;缺乏溝通,資訊毫無用武之地! 經由上述說法,本書提出前所未有的創新觀點:既然資訊與溝通是貫穿內部控制的要素,資訊與溝通的良窳對企業內控制度影響深遠,而資訊與溝通在企業中的實踐則是以企業內的「文件」為主,所以,「文件管理」的成功與否便成為企業內部控制制度決定性的因素、核心中的核心!

The Difficult Situations of Netflix, Spotify and Pandora

The online music and video streaming services are facing the same uphill battle. 目前線上的影音串流業者,都面臨類似的困境。Netflix只有美國的實體DVD郵寄業務賺錢,串流部分則是做得愈多,虧得愈大。Spotify更不必講了,在全球喊得很大聲,然而它不但年年在賠,還賠很多。 只有Pandora,在串流音樂的領域是非常成功的。它砍掉搜尋這種on-demand功能,而主張自己是radio station之模式,支付遠較Spotify這種業者低的權利金。惟其在北美以外一直沒有明確的海外擴張計畫,因此台灣對它比較不熟悉。 它的UI/UX看得出是千錘百鍊的最佳化配置、進入市場早(2000年)、每年包括MAU(目前有八千萬人)及聆聽總時數等等各重要數據都正成長(以營收而言,2012年4億、13年6億、14年9.2億、15年近12億);而在營收配置上,廣告占80%、premium訂戶占20%,更是值得參考的模式。 在影音串流領域表現佳,但目前在NYSE上,Pandora市值不到美金20億,去年營收近12億,四年來都一樣,小虧。併掉了Rdio之後也不會有改善。 讀者可以參考華爾街日報的這篇文章: Pandora Media Swings to Loss Amid Higher Expenses Web-radio-service Pandora Media Inc. on Thursday swung to a loss in its…