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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

One China v.s All Types of Freedom

2016 - 08 - 30

Whether it is IT implementation or business operations, redundancy is the key to ensure the service during crisis.








「中國人民大學國際關係學院副院長金燦榮表示,雖然美國年年把台灣新聞自由排第一,但生活一個禮拜就會知道人就是傻子… 台灣的消息都是垃圾消息,完全是封閉小島,雖然資訊很多,但都是垃圾資訊。外面發生很多事情,像是金融危機,重大的決定人類命運的事件是不知道的,是一種獨特的資訊封閉」

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