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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

Privacy Shield - U.S., EU Struck Deal to Protect Data Privacy

2016 - 02 - 04

The data privacy agreement signed by U.S and E.U has been announced invalid by the European Court of Justice because of the lack of protection.


U.S., EU Reach Deal on New Data-Transfer Framework
U.S. makes binding assurances on Europeans’ personal information

1. 歐盟最高法院在去年宣告與美國間的「資料隱私協議」因為保障措施提供不足而無效。
2. 昨天美歐達成新協議「隱私盾」,准許歐盟個資存放在美國的data centers,美國也會作出書面承諾不對其進行大規模之監控;並且,只要歐盟之消費者提出申訴,將有強制仲裁之規定,保管該個資在美國的公司必須配合,美國政府也要設置專責人員協助調查。

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