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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

Patent Battles vs. Doing Business

2015 - 10 - 01

Even in Europe and U.S, most patent wars ends up with a truce. There are two reasons, it’s only part of the overall business strategy and it’s usually too costly.


(1) 它不過是商戰整體策略之一,邊打仗做做樣子邊談生意,達到目標就該喊撤了;

(2) 打專利訴訟連大公司都嫌貴,如果在美國,一個案子discovery程序還沒走完(更別提進入審判了)經常狂燒百萬美元。

Google and Microsoft have ended a long-running patent spat involving about 20 suits in the U.S. and Germany.

Concerns about ad-blockers have grown following the recent launch of iOS 9, which supports blockers for Mobile Safari.

JPMorgan has downplayed those concerns, arguing most ad-blocking takes place on desktops, that far more time is spent on mobile apps (largely immune to ad-blocking for now) than browsers, that publishers are starting to withhold content from those using ad-blockers, and that ad spend is shifting towards formats more immune to ad-blocking (e.g. native ads).



Google, Microsoft end phone/Xbox patent battle, agree to cooperate

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Internal Auditing Staff Unqualified

Guess what’s the average salary for an internal auditor? And what’s the reasonable salary for the position? 請讀者猜猜看稽核人員的平均月薪資是多少?再請讀者猜猜看,要找到真正適任的稽核人員(適任之標準請參考以下說明)合理的月薪又是多少? 由於稽核人員之日常作業其獨立性很高且必須獨立就受查單位完成稽核報告(或初稿),所以公司裡面的稽核人員不能只有少數一兩位,而是應該要每一個稽核人員都要具備以下的專業能力與人格特質。 最理想的稽核人員必須具備之專業能力有幾大面向1 (1) 學經歷與專業證照 內部稽核是一個跨領域的工作,而且內部稽核人員又必須時常應付多變的環境,教育程度是一個稱職的稽核人員不可或缺的基礎條件。另外,越來越多的企業在僱用內部稽核人員時會要求相關的專業證照如內部稽核師、電腦稽核師及會計師等。 (2) 超然獨立與積極態度 內部稽核人員由於其肩負發現組織缺失並且改善的職責,必須具備正直的人格,而且維持其超然之獨立性,這兩點都對於稽核部門的整體工作品質有非常大的影響,所以稽核人員執行職務必須勿枉勿縱並且不受威脅、利誘。當然,內部稽核單位在組織當中的地位越高,越容易維持其獨立性。 (3) 公司營運流程及知識 內部稽核人員既然必須查核企業內的各種活動是否按照既定計畫執行,當然必須對企業內的所有營運流程有相當廣泛且深入的認識,包括企業政策、文化、環境及整體營運流程,否則將無法勝任此工作。 (4) 溝通協調與人際關係 內部稽核部門需要有良好的溝通能力。有良好的溝通能力才能與受稽核的單位建立互信、無衝突的夥伴關係,有助於內部控制制度上缺失的發現與改善,除此之外內部稽核單位與管理階層及董事會間溝通也須仰賴良好溝通技巧,方能使上級即時接收企業內的制度缺失並且予以改善。 (5) 稽核相關專業知識及技能 審計、法規、財務、會計、資訊科技都是內部稽核人員從事職務時需要具備的相關專業知識。 (6)…

Netflix's Market Cap is Way Too High

Does Netflix Have Long-Term Upside Past A $40 Billion Valuation?          Summary At $40 billion NFLX trades at multiples that far exceed the industry average, meaning it is an investment for the future.…

Counterfeits on Taobao, Not Affecting Its Commission

Those who are buying products for cheap prices don’t really care about whether they are counterfeits or not. Putting a high-class, low-price product in the cart, they usually know what they are buying. 去淘寶撿便宜的,根本不在乎買到的是不是仿冒品;既然會把「低價、高規」商品放進購物車,對於買到的是啥,多半心裡有數。 The presence…