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Fat Cats under Global Turmoil: Investment Bankers

2016 - 10 - 23

There is a quote in American TV show Suits between a lawyer and an investment banker, it tells a lot why we call them the fat cat.

“We’re not lawyers. We’re investment bankers. We call you for the paperwork. We didn’t go to Harvard. We went to Wharton, and we saw you coming a mile away. Spank. ”

1. 在人群中,他們自視永遠高你我一等
2. 食不厭精,餐餐客單價美金百元起跳
3. 出差飛商務艙、標配就住麗思卡爾頓
4. 自己身家都上億、案子起跳得幾十億
5. 縱然落難仍是貴族,上頭一切得照舊


我們看看這篇華爾街日報的文章:Deutsche Bank Settlement Could Strain Capital

德意志銀行近期因為發行不良房屋抵押貸款證券(MBS)而被美國監管局開罰140 億美元,造成財務危機,也引發其股票被拋售。但是,即便投資銀行變成慘業,也慘不到所有已晉身貴族的高管們。缺錢,一定能從外頭搬進去;萬一客戶或投資人不給,也可以用金融危機要脅政府紓困。德銀的人心裡穩得很,想說自己怎麼樣也不會變成Bear Stearns啊!

從最大咖的美國銀行在2014被罰了美金一百六十六億,到Goldman Sachs的五十億。這些投資銀行被罰的原因,這段寫得很清楚:

The banks have been accused of bundling poorly underwritten home loans and selling them as safer securities than they knew them to be, ultimately helping to fuel a bubble in rising home prices and exacerbating the consequences of the subsequent collapse.



So much for investment bankers.

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