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The 4 Skills Every Super Manager Should Have: English, Law, Finance and Taxation

2015 - 09 - 16

Amazon is profitable, Facebook is not, not in the financial report in recent years.

Amazon有獲利,FB沒有, 這幾年財報上可不是這麼說的!


Amazon Is Profitable, Facebook Is Not

GAAP accounting can sometimes wrongly favor acquisitions over internal development. Comparing Amazon to Facebook provides a compelling demonstration.

Despite its recent GAAP losses, Amazon has seen quite strong owner earnings over the last few years.

Conversely, Facebook’s high expenses for defensive acquisitions have not shown up in GAAP losses, though actual owner earnings are strongly negative.



依現今FB股價算,併購Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus總共花了美金250億。那麼FB的稅後盈餘呢? 10億 (2011)、0.53億 (2012)、15億 (2013)、29億 (2014)、12億 (2015上半年)


反觀,AMZN從賣書、到賣CD/DVD/Blu-ray、到什麼都賣、到Kindle、到AWS… 全部都是自主研發的成果、也都為公司產生實質而有重要意義的營收。儘管Fire Phone大敗,但也都悉數呈現在財報上,絲毫沒有隱匿修飾。

在2015/8/31 的BusinessWeek提到Netflix本想從AWS跑掉,但最後還是認為轉換成本太高、花費時間太久,所以還是心不甘情不願地被自己的最大競爭對手給綁架。

(大家應該知道Amazon也有自己的video streaming服務,而且從我實際上兩者都用了很長一段時間的比較來說,在質、量和性價比上,Amazon都完勝Netflix)講到這裡,如果還引不起你的興趣點進去細讀這一篇,沒關係的。(我前面僅不過聊到全文的三分之一)


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