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Apple Music – Hitting the Wall Before Hitting the Shelves

2015 - 06 - 12

Apple Music under antitrust scrutiny  

「The attorneys general of New York and Connecticut are now investigatingwhether the deals struck by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) for its new music service violated antitrust rules.

The joint investigation will probe whether Apple pressured music labels – or whether the labels conspired with Apple and one another – to withdraw support for popular “freemium” services like Spotify in favor of its new paid streaming music service.

Eric Schneiderman and Connecticut’s George Jepsen were also among a group of attorneys generals who in 2013 sued Apple for conspiring to raise the prices of e-books. Apple agreed to pay $450M as part of that settlement.」

在我的〔Apple Music 來勢猛暴〕裡就提到這個產品可能會有違反公平交易相關法令的問題,然後就看到這則新聞了。




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