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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

Is Google too powerful now?

2017 - 09 - 22

Google was recently slapped with a record-breaking €2.42bn fine for EU antitrust violations.

The 7-year long investigation concluded that Google has been abusing its dominance of the search engine market in building its online shopping service, and therefore, putting those of rivals in an unfavourable spot.

In the 2017/08/30  Washington Post article: “Google is coming after critics in academia and journalism. It’s time to stop them.”, professor Zephyr Teachout talks about an incident Google had with New America, a think tank financed by Google, of which an article praising the EU decision was published by a member of New America, and coincidentally, that member was dismissed shortly after that. The article argues that Google is now too big and powerful that it becomes a tyrant that controls its own version of “free speech”.

“Don’t be evil” has been the motto of Google’s corporate code of conduct since 2000. Yet, we are not too sure if that is still relevant when over 75% market share in searches is in its hands.

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Waterland Securities (Part 1)

On December 10, 2008, Yang Jui-jen was released by the prison and was put under media spotlight. But who is this guy? 內控作不好,一百億輕鬆盜領 2008年12月10號,蹲了十三年牢的楊瑞仁出獄了,各大媒體爭相報導,到底這個楊瑞仁是何方神聖? 十三年前,也就是1995年間,國票案爆發,堪稱台灣金融業史上最大經濟犯罪案,就是由當年未滿三十歲的國票板橋分公司營業員楊瑞仁一手策劃,盜領國票300多億元,轟動台灣金融市場,其案件造成當時國票股票跌停、引發擠兌風波、楊瑞仁的主管國票作業部經理還因此跳樓自殺。 楊瑞仁盜領一百餘億元的代價是被法院判處13年的刑期以及三十億元的罰金(創下坐牢一天值271萬、罰金易服勞役一天折抵833萬的驚人紀錄)、他在坐牢期間還買通監所人員在獄中炒股,又被多判兩年徒刑,直到今年符合減刑條件才得以出獄,出獄後還必須依照他跟國票之間的協議,他必須要在出獄後的八到十年間償還國票公司四十億元。以下就來簡單介紹一下楊瑞仁的犯罪手法。 國際票券金融股份有限公司(簡稱國票)之主要業務是短期票券之簽證、承銷、經紀、自營、保證、背書[2]。以保證業務中之發行商業本票為例,就是當一家民間廠商或是公司需要調度資金而開立商業本票給他人,他人對於開立本票的公司不放心怕將來錢拿不回來,於是就希望那張本票上面可以由很有錢的人來保證,而國票公司就是那個在本票上保證、從中賺取利潤的人[3]。而國票板橋分公司的營業員楊瑞仁就是從這種業務當中找到了可趁之機。 楊瑞仁於1994年9月間,趁提早上班公司內四下無人之時,利用公司內部控管的疏漏,竊取國票公司置於儲物間內,提供給客戶使用之空白商業本票數本,再於上班前、下班後以及遞送公文的空檔,趁該分公司有權保管保證章之副理疏忽之際,偷取公司經理以及襄理所保管的保證章、簽證章,在全部的空白本票上面蓋上這些印章,之後需要錢的時候呢,再填上金額及到期日,然後把他之前所盜刻的公司客戶印章蓋於本票上。如此一來,楊瑞仁偽造本票就算是大功告成了。 參考資料: 1. 詳細事實內容請參見張衛航,國票案洗錢行為模式之刑事規制對策研究-以洗錢行為應刑罰性與可罰性間落差為探討重心,中國文化大學法律學研究所碩士論文,2003年6月。 2. 參國際票券金融股份有限公司網站,。 3. 利息、保證費、簽證費、承銷費、票券集保結算交割服務費等。

The Basic Concept in IT Operations

Delta, the second largest airline in U.S, had a computer glitch on Wednesday, canceling 2000 flights and incurring huge losses. 全美第二大航空 Delta 電腦世紀大出包,被迫取消二千多個航班,公司和旅客都承受了鉅大的損失。 妙的是,過去三年它在系統上的投資就已經高達數億美元,光今年到目前為止也有1.5億、也換上了新的CIO,那怎麼會慘成這德性? 就算是AWS也會出包 開始投入IT業未幾,我就從多次痛苦經驗中,學到一件事「再好再貴再國際知名的軟硬體,都會意外暴斃」。所以,從那時起,我就拼了老命研究 redundancy, load-balance, remote-backup, fail-over, high-availability 等觀念,更因為自己向來對事業前途的不安全感,而自始奉行不渝。 有人說,如果Delta早上了AWS就不會出這種事,錯了。這是IT系統的基本架構認知問題,不是用誰家機房或哪家公有雲私有雲的問題;就算上了AWS,如果不事先設好並再三測試standby replica與secondary AZ這些神兵利器,Amazon出包的例子大家沒聽過啊?! 新聞來源:…

Fat Cats under Global Turmoil: Investment Bankers

There is a quote in American TV show Suits between a lawyer and an investment banker, it tells a lot why we call them the fat cat. 知名美劇影集訴訟雙雄(Suits)中有這麼一段商務律師和投資銀行家間的言詞交鋒,從以下這句台詞可以就可以理解,為什麼我們說這些投資銀行家是所謂「當代貴族」了。(影片連結) “We’re not lawyers. We’re investment bankers. We call…