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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

Inaccurate Financial Reporting

2011 - 09 - 29

Beside problems in business operations, bad internal controls also cause inaccuracy and oversight in financial reporting.


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Internal Control: Why It is Never Done Right?

Bad internal control has more than one or two reasons. Loopholes must be resulted from so many different factors, the biggest of which is the negligence of internal control system. 公司的內部控制做不好,不可能是只有一兩種原因,一定是許許多多不同因素所共同造成公司的內控出現疏漏,而公司忽略內控通常為最大影響因素。公司為什麼會忽略內部控制制度?經過研究分析,大概有三大原因: 第一個原因是每間公司、每個經理人都會遇到的問題,那就是一個字,「忙」。 不管是大企業還是小公司,目的不外乎是將公司的利益極大化,也就是要忙著賺錢,所以企業內部的重心可能放在業務開拓、產品促銷或是技術研發等會使公司更具競爭力的方面,當然除了這幾個面向之外,公司內部大大小小的事情可多了,每這兩年經濟又不景氣,公司員工通常都得身兼數職(正所謂三個人做五個人的工作,拿兩個人的錢),繁忙的程度自然不在話下。 公司若是錢賺得少那也就算了,若是今天公司不賺錢要關門倒閉了,員工跟老闆飯碗都不知道要去哪裡找,縱然知道內部控制制度很重要,但是填飽肚子更重要吧? 舉例來說,我們都知道書桌上的東西要收拾乾淨、整理好,要找的東西才找的到,但是真正能好好做到的人並不多,為什麼?因為沒有時間阿,大家都有更重要的事情要做,要讀書、要工作、要帶小孩,桌子上亂個幾天應該沒什麼關係吧! 沒錯,書桌亂個幾天也無傷大雅,但是等到重要的東西因此找不到的時候,後悔也來不及了;公司是要賺錢,但是內控做不好而因小失大更是得不償失。到底要怎麼辦呢?本書將會交給你最省時、有效的內控方法,讓你整理好你的書桌!…

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