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Thailand Embraces Blockchain Economy

2018 - 09 - 17

While the two biggest economies in the world are still trying to figure out how to think about blockchain and crypto, a Southeast Asian country known for its booming tourism industry is gradually becoming an active player in the global crypto industry. Thailand has emerged as one of the most interesting crypto-friendly nations in 2018.

Earlier this year, the Thai government became actively welcoming towards the crypto industry and made notable progress, including the establishment of crypto company licenses that permit crypto exchanges and ICOs, and attracting foreign blockchain companies to register in Thailand. This is a pattern we see often in smaller countries, where crypto companies work closely with government regulators from the get-go. Crypto companies are able to build trust with local authorities and in return, are provided with a smooth legal path.

Just a couple months ago, the Thai government legalised seven cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, and Stellar. In addition, the Thai SEC categorised the issuing of ICOs into three types: investment tokens, utility tokens, and cryptocurrency. This means potential ICO issuers now have government approved ways to issue ICOs, as opposed to the U.S. SEC’s rather vauge policies.

Not only does the Thai government actively support private crypto companies, the government itself is actively involved in its own crypto projects. Just recently the Bank of Thailand (BOT) established a preliminary outline for the so called Project Inthanon, a central bank backed digital currency initiative ( CBDC) The plan is to involve 8 participating banks to start building the prototype. “The BOT and the participating banks will collaboratively design and develop a proof-of-concept prototype for wholesale funds transfer by issuing wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (Wholesale CBDC).” – Project Inthanon


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Document Mangement is the Core of Internal Control System

Information and communication is the core among 5 factors of internal controls, and document management is the most important practice of information and communication. 「文件管理」是內部控制制度的核心觀念 資訊與溝通是內部控制五大要素中的核心要素,而「文件管理」則是資訊與溝通中最為重要之實踐。 人類的知識、常識或是各種人類所思、所知的內容都必須藉由特定的媒介才能將其呈現出來而讓他人得以感知、聽聞進而達到溝通之功能,而這些承載人類所思、所知內容的媒介形式,我們即稱之為資訊。 在企業當中的資訊會有哪些媒介形式?傳統紙本資料如契約、訂單、對帳單、往來書信、財務報表….等;數位資料如電子郵件、電子檔案等,這些媒介都是企業所擁有的資訊。 而不論是傳統紙本或是數位檔案,都是本書所謂的「文件管理」所欲涵蓋的「文件」範疇,換句話說,我們可以認為,不管大小、內外、重要與否的所有資訊都是以「文件」的形式存在於企業內部。掌握文件,就掌握了企業內部的所有資訊。 此外,除非有人會「心電感應」或是「讀心術」之類的技巧,否則企業當中仍需藉由「溝通」的過程來達成各種營運目標,而「溝通」主要就是以「文件」的傳遞為主,例如管理階層已發電子郵件之方式下達公司新政策、業務部門接到訂單後傳真給工廠生產線、內部稽核人員撰寫稽核報告呈交董事會等。 經由這個溝通的過程,資訊本身才能發揮其功能,這正是之所以資訊與溝通這麼密不可分的緣故。缺乏資訊,溝通猶如失根蘭花;缺乏溝通,資訊毫無用武之地! 經由上述說法,本書提出前所未有的創新觀點:既然資訊與溝通是貫穿內部控制的要素,資訊與溝通的良窳對企業內控制度影響深遠,而資訊與溝通在企業中的實踐則是以企業內的「文件」為主,所以,「文件管理」的成功與否便成為企業內部控制制度決定性的因素、核心中的核心!

Internal Controls Can't Close Loopholes?

The origin of the problem is the the blank commercial papers. Buying and selling the commercial papers is the main business of the company, which can not operate without blank commercial papers. 妥善保管空白商業本票還有主管的印鑑,建立有效的核對方式 這其實是問題發生的最源頭,公司主要的業務就是票券的買賣,沒有空白的票生意就做不成了,那空白的商業本票就是公司跟他人交易當中最常會使用到的物品了,公司本來就應該好好保管,不然就容易使不肖之徒心存僥倖。國票公司針對空白本票的存放太過隨便,使楊瑞仁想拿多少就拿多少。另外對於公司裡面空白本票的存放數量也沒有紀錄,減少的數量跟當天成立契約的數量是否相符也沒有人在關心,雙重的內控失靈使楊瑞仁放心的進行犯罪計畫。 如果能夠將每天國票公司與客戶成立的各種券買賣契約建檔管理,那麼用成立票券買賣契約的數量與空白本票使用的數量來互相對照,就可以輕鬆了解剩下多少空白本票,而在有短少的情況下就可以及時發現了。 另一個源頭就是印鑑的保管,有的公司可能未了方便而將印鑑隨手放在辦公桌上,使需要的人可以自行取用,同時卻也增加了不該用的人來使用它的風險,可行的辦法是重要印鑑由專人保管,比如說公司內部的稽核單位,每一次經過用印的文件都予以建檔管理,方便稽核人員從事稽核之工作,比如可以將公司買賣商業本票之契約與該本票放再同一個資料夾當中方便核對,有票卻沒有契約那就一定有問題。…