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Microsoft & Uber finally face the facts and change their Strategies

2018 - 06 - 28

Dara Khosrowshahi, an Iranian-American and the CEO of Uber, rolled out a new set of cultural norms, including one that states, “We Do the Right Thing.” Following last year’s decision by the London regulator, he flew to the city in an effort to repair relations with Transport for London. Since then, Uber has made changes in the U.K. aimed at addressing regulators’ concerns, including reporting serious incidents to the police, and appointing three independent non-executive directors in the country—including hiring Laurel Powers-Freeling, a former senior adviser to the Bank of England, as its U.K. chairman.

The company has also made efforts to improve relationships with U.K. drivers, some of whom are involved in separate litigation to be reclassified as workers, rather than independent contractors, a standing that would entitle them to paid holidays and sick time. Last month, Uber said it would pay for sick leave and some other health-related benefits for drivers and couriers in Europe.

Here cames good news. Uber has now been awarded a licence but it has been put on probation for 15 months.

Satya Nadella, an Indian-American and the CEO of Microsoft, is the man who is transforming Microsoft. After talking and listening to employees, Nadella decided that Microsoft needed a complete cultural makeover. Over the past few years, he’s shared a number of his techniques on stage and other ways. We’ve all heard about the importance in the “new” Microsoft of having a growth mindset; of being a “learn-it-all” rather than a “know-it-all”; and of making inclusivity and diversity top priorities.

〔Additional show〕
Donald Trump dug in his heels over a controversial “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that has seen thousands of children forcibly separated from their parents at the Mexican border. Donald Trump spoke amid an uproar among Democrats and Republicans as images of children being held in wire mesh cages, and toddlers crying as they were separated from their mothers, emerged from the border.

Donald Trump seems to forget about where Ivana Trump and Melania Trump come from. He also forgets that the saviors of Uber and Microsoft are not WHITE.

Uber Goes to Court to Fight for Its Future in London
Uber granted short-term licence to operate in London
Microsoft CEO Nadella’s ‘Hit Refresh’: Is a cultural revolution enough to refresh Microsoft?
從Uber在各國的爭議,談商品上市之Compliance- 天遠律師事務所

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Waterland Securities (Part 1)

On December 10, 2008, Yang Jui-jen was released by the prison and was put under media spotlight. But who is this guy? 內控作不好,一百億輕鬆盜領 2008年12月10號,蹲了十三年牢的楊瑞仁出獄了,各大媒體爭相報導,到底這個楊瑞仁是何方神聖? 十三年前,也就是1995年間,國票案爆發,堪稱台灣金融業史上最大經濟犯罪案,就是由當年未滿三十歲的國票板橋分公司營業員楊瑞仁一手策劃,盜領國票300多億元,轟動台灣金融市場,其案件造成當時國票股票跌停、引發擠兌風波、楊瑞仁的主管國票作業部經理還因此跳樓自殺。 楊瑞仁盜領一百餘億元的代價是被法院判處13年的刑期以及三十億元的罰金(創下坐牢一天值271萬、罰金易服勞役一天折抵833萬的驚人紀錄)、他在坐牢期間還買通監所人員在獄中炒股,又被多判兩年徒刑,直到今年符合減刑條件才得以出獄,出獄後還必須依照他跟國票之間的協議,他必須要在出獄後的八到十年間償還國票公司四十億元。以下就來簡單介紹一下楊瑞仁的犯罪手法。 國際票券金融股份有限公司(簡稱國票)之主要業務是短期票券之簽證、承銷、經紀、自營、保證、背書[2]。以保證業務中之發行商業本票為例,就是當一家民間廠商或是公司需要調度資金而開立商業本票給他人,他人對於開立本票的公司不放心怕將來錢拿不回來,於是就希望那張本票上面可以由很有錢的人來保證,而國票公司就是那個在本票上保證、從中賺取利潤的人[3]。而國票板橋分公司的營業員楊瑞仁就是從這種業務當中找到了可趁之機。 楊瑞仁於1994年9月間,趁提早上班公司內四下無人之時,利用公司內部控管的疏漏,竊取國票公司置於儲物間內,提供給客戶使用之空白商業本票數本,再於上班前、下班後以及遞送公文的空檔,趁該分公司有權保管保證章之副理疏忽之際,偷取公司經理以及襄理所保管的保證章、簽證章,在全部的空白本票上面蓋上這些印章,之後需要錢的時候呢,再填上金額及到期日,然後把他之前所盜刻的公司客戶印章蓋於本票上。如此一來,楊瑞仁偽造本票就算是大功告成了。 參考資料: 1. 詳細事實內容請參見張衛航,國票案洗錢行為模式之刑事規制對策研究-以洗錢行為應刑罰性與可罰性間落差為探討重心,中國文化大學法律學研究所碩士論文,2003年6月。 2. 參國際票券金融股份有限公司網站,。 3. 利息、保證費、簽證費、承銷費、票券集保結算交割服務費等。

China's recent clampdown on Bitcoin: "Laws can't keep pace with technology"

Bitcoin prices fell significantly after China’s BTCC announced its closure of operations come September 30. The announcement shows China’s latest attempt to impose control over the stateless currency within the nation. “Laws can’t keep pace with technology”…

Can IoT for Home Appliances Stimulate Market Demands?

Apple’s smart home platform HomeKit launches the first batch of its home appliances products. 蘋果HomeKit 商機引爆 「蘋果智慧家庭平台HomeKit首批終端應用產品問世,全球控制開關龍頭Lutron的照明套件等智慧應用入列,7月還有新一波國際知名品牌產品上市,引爆HomeKit商機,瑞昱、聯發科、中保、建準等業者可望受惠。 蘋果去年發表HomeKit平台,希望透過iPhone、iPad、Apple Watch等裝置,搭配Siri語音操控,取代傳統遙控器,串連家中照明、家電、門鈴、鬧鐘、門鎖、廚房溫度計、濕溫度監控等智慧家庭應用。…… 中保表示,Lutron是美國控制開關龍頭,主要產品有調光、電動窗簾兩大領域,目前是市場調光效果最好、全球第一的公司,電動窗簾則是全世界最安靜的產品,包括台北101、美國白宮等,都採用Lutron產品……」   就以本篇報導裡講的Lutron的調光器和電動窗簾為例,如果你本來就沒打算花這個錢,會不會因為加入了Apple HomeKit家族、並且能用Siri來控制,而加碼掏了腰包? 我覺得,對於那些「錢,不是生活裡的首要考量」的人而言,這可能性的確不小。 至於原本就已經買了這種東西的消費者而言,HomeKit應該更會激發出他們昇級的渴望,不論這樣的昇級是得整組換掉、或僅僅加裝套件。 再進一步想,調光器與窗簾電動控制器,能有多大市場?大多數的家庭只要有燈有開關、有窗簾手動拉,就能滿足需要。但是,空調、冰箱、熱水器這種必要家電(縱然是燒瓦斯的,也多半是以電點火),倘若一旦接入HomeKit,只要能用加掛套件的模式處理,看來市場應該會更恐怖。 「近期Lutron、Insteon兩家大廠率先推出獲HomeKit認證的產品,已上架販售… Lutron是美國控制開關龍頭,主要產品有調光、電動窗簾兩大領域,目前是市場調光效果最好、全球第一的公司,電動窗簾則是全世界最安靜的產品,包括台北101、美國白宮等,都採用Lutron產品…」 「瑞昱、聯發科等台灣晶片廠也積極搶HomeKit商機。其中,瑞昱已通過蘋果認證,推出完整支援HomeKit開發套件的物聯網晶片,成為亞洲第一家推出完整支援HomeKit的晶片商…」 (看到這則新聞結尾,又是台廠打入蘋果供應鏈的消息,是否有其他更好出路值得深思。)