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“The Anxiety and Lack of Confidence of the Chinese Government” ? Give me a Break

2018 - 06 - 06

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called a rare press conference on May 24, after losing two diplomatic allies (Dominican Republic and Burkina Faso) in a single month. President Tsai gave a rare strongly-worded remarks stating that losing two diplomatic allies to China shows

“the anxiety and lack of confidence of the Chinese government.” and that the Taiwanese government will no longer tolerate such actions.

We find this seemingly compelling remarks to be ridiculous and laughable at best and only shows that exactly the Taiwanese government feels, extremely distressed.

Here are two possible actions Beijing can take, and we cannot do nothing about it:

  1. Effective immediately, the Taiwan Compatriot Permit will be solely used to exchange for an official PRC Resident Identity Card. Those who do not cooperate will be denied entry to Mainland China.
  2. In the year of 2017, Taiwan’s biggest export (41%) and import (20%) are made with the Chinese market (Mainland + HK). In 2018, Beijing gives a sudden announcement that all trade will Taiwan cut by ⅓, and ½ by 2019. However, if Taiwanese companies agree to submit a complete staff directory to Beijing. These people will be granted with official PRC Resident Identity Card and excluded from the sanctions.

Except the typical bureaucratic languages, we don’t see how the Tsai administration can make any differences under the above two scenarios.

Source: China has crossed bottom line: Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen – Taiwan News

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