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Counterfeits on Taobao, Not Affecting Its Commission

2016 - 05 - 25

Those who are buying products for cheap prices don’t really care about whether they are counterfeits or not. Putting a high-class, low-price product in the cart, they usually know what they are buying.


The presence of counterfeits on Alibaba has been one of the major detrimental headline risks for the company.

Despite Alibaba’s efforts to combat this problem, the recent lawsuits against Alibaba regarding counterfeits has created uncertainties on the viability of Alibaba’s growth sustainability.

This increased uncertainty has contributed to the stock’s decline in spite of Alibaba’s Q215 and Singles Day sales that blew past analysts expectations.

However, Alibaba’s counterfeit risk is a trivial headline risk that has no material impact on the company’s fundamentals moving forward.

再者,法治國家的民事訴訟制度,基本上都是「不告不理」。雖然目前有Gucci, YSL等對阿里起訴,但所涵蓋產品連淘寶的萬分之一都不到;再者,考量美國打官司需耗費的人力物力之鉅,要是口袋裡沒裝個50萬美金準備給律師和鑑定證人等等的話,連法院的大門都別想走進去,小品牌,哪負擔得起。所以,只要北京政府不把馬雲蔡崇信打入大牢叫他們不准再賣假貨(你想可能嗎),淘寶上就將永遠充斥著高仿低仿,阿里抽佣,哪會受影響。

讀者或許會問,美國不是有律師打純粹的contingency(等拿到賠償金才見錢分帳),所以原告如果要戰,還可以在訴訟一開始的時候,先不必支出龐大的律師費嗎?沒錯,但那種律師,通常被視為訟棍、被稱為ambulance chaser(追救護車的,專指搶著找到傷患來委託自己打官司來賺後酬),不論在全世界各地,都會被法官和優秀的律師瞧不起,因此以這種精度和規模以及對手之強大的純商務案件,通常少有委任這種律師的。



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