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ERP - An Irreversible Choice

2015 - 05 - 16

Oracle Trying On OpenStack For Size


  1. Oracle’s days as a “faux cloud” provider appear numbered.
  2. It has hired a team of OpenStack engineers and already works with Microsoft Azure.
  3. Software as a Service revenues will dwarf infrastructure and platforms.


Oracle 剛從一家掛點的 cloud startup 撿到45位 OpenStack 工程師,而它的 co-CEO Mark Hurd 上個月又說 “95% of Oracle’s products will be cloud-enabled by October”,還誇口講今年甲骨文的雲端產品的營收會打敗去年是美金54億)!!!

Oracle 去年營收近383億,所以就算前面講的是真的、今年雲端營收可以上60億,其實也不過還好而已。但是,從 Microsoft 看到這個擁有曾經輝煌一時的高端硬體 Sun 的 Oracle,足見美國這些目前仍然很賺、市值動輒上看2000億的老傢伙肯在確實可能蠶食自己固有BU的 cloud 大力加碼,還是有點值得敬佩。台灣呢,照樣有一堆大小軟硬體老字號,死之將至還不知道該怎麼改。

以上,是事實面的陳述。但作者接下來的意見我就不同意了,他難道以為 Ellison 揮軍雲上是為了搞 IaaS 嗎?

“Having its own true cloud, built on an open source infrastructure like OpenStack, would accelerate the move to true cloud economics. So might buying a profitable, growing OpenStack cloud provider like Rackspace, but that’s purely speculation… Oracle’s decision to move toward OpenStack appears negative for VMware, which has a cloud stack called vCloud, and for Amazon and its Amazon Web Services… Then there’s IBM, which is struggling in the cloud but whose SoftLayer cloud uses OpenStack. The company as a whole would be too big for Oracle to chase…”

使用 ERP (SaaS) 對於企業客戶的綁架效果,大勝任何 IaaS 平台。以 Oracle 而言,它只需構築一套解決方案,能讓自己雲端 ERP 的客戶在 AWS, Azure, SoftLayer 或自家版本的 OpenStack 間轉換,就萬事OK。它哪有任何誘因要去買 Rackspace 或甚至 IBM?

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