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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

The E-commerce Organised Crime

2018 - 06 - 06

The Taiwanese authority recently cracked down a group of 5 people who allegedly sell imported Chinese counterfeits (luxury clothings, accessories, etc.) to over a thousand Taiwanese buyers on several e-commerce platforms in Taiwan. This isn’t something unusual given that Chinese counterfeits can be found across the globe. What makes this news interesting is that the group is the first to be remanded under the Organized Crime Prevention Act, making counterfeiters officially tied with those who use violence to coerce, threaten others for a living.

By purchasing counterfeit goods from Alibaba’s Taobao, the group of 5 were able to make a tremendous profit of over $70M NTD by scamming over 1000 buyers on various e-commerce platforms, including Shopee, Yahoo, and Rakuten.

Taobao has become one of the biggest and most reliable source for counterfeit goods. The United States Trade Representatives has continually stated Taobao as “affiliated network of sites reportedly engages in substantial piracy and counterfeiting to the detriment of U.S. creators and brand owners, as well as legitimate sellers and distributors”

Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba, has been marking himself as an avid fighter of fake goods. However, the results of these fighting counterfeiting campaign are still suspicious.

Source: 網賣仿冒品撈7千萬 首度依組織犯罪收押 – 聯合報

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In around 4 months after Enron filed for bankruptcy, WorldCom was also reported for false accounting fraud. There are many tricks in accounting to create false financial reports. 恩龍公司聲請破產保護大約四個月後,世界通訊公司也發生了會計作帳不實的醜聞,利用會計手法作假帳的方式有許多種,恩龍公司與這裡的世界通訊公司雖然都是利用會計作帳不實而引發之醜聞,但是不同的地方在於,恩龍公司是利用許多的關係企業進行複雜的「資產負債表外交易」來隱匿公司的巨額負債及虧損;世界通訊公司則僅是單純的運用會計手法,將費用支出轉列為資本支出,虛增公司的獲利所引發的醜聞。 世界通訊公司原名為長途電話折扣服務公司(Long Distance Discount Service),於1980年代創立,1995年才更名為世界通訊公司(WroldCom Inc.)。業務範圍包含當地、長途電話以及全球網際網路服務。2001年時世界通訊於全世界六十五個國家有營業據點,年營業額達數百億美元,在當時為全世界最大的網際網路骨幹。 世界通訊在短期內能成為全美第二大的長途電話公司,主要的原因是不斷的併購其他的公司來擴大自身的營業規模。於1990年代末期就已經進行了60次以上的併購行為。 然後過多的併購行為所帶來的問題,是公司內部系統與客戶資料的整合困難,電腦計費系統常常會超收費用使顧客抱怨連連,另外公司高層主管有跟公司貸款數億美元之情形發生。…

Video Streaming:

影音串流,這種仗永遠都在打。大咖有 Amazon, Apple, Netflix,小的有 Spotify, KKBOX。玩到 video 量級的,就等於跳了一座山,但這種搶內容授權的競賽本質,是一樣的。 2010年,Netflix 和 Epix(派拉蒙和 MGM 以及 Lions Gate 的合資公司,有多猛你就知道了)簽了張十億美元的獨家授權,2012年到期,所以 Epix 當年就上了 Amazon。 結果,Netflix CCO (Chief Content Officer) 說 “we have decided not to renew our agreement in the US…

The Difficult Situations of Netflix, Spotify and Pandora

The online music and video streaming services are facing the same uphill battle. 目前線上的影音串流業者,都面臨類似的困境。Netflix只有美國的實體DVD郵寄業務賺錢,串流部分則是做得愈多,虧得愈大。Spotify更不必講了,在全球喊得很大聲,然而它不但年年在賠,還賠很多。 只有Pandora,在串流音樂的領域是非常成功的。它砍掉搜尋這種on-demand功能,而主張自己是radio station之模式,支付遠較Spotify這種業者低的權利金。惟其在北美以外一直沒有明確的海外擴張計畫,因此台灣對它比較不熟悉。 它的UI/UX看得出是千錘百鍊的最佳化配置、進入市場早(2000年)、每年包括MAU(目前有八千萬人)及聆聽總時數等等各重要數據都正成長(以營收而言,2012年4億、13年6億、14年9.2億、15年近12億);而在營收配置上,廣告占80%、premium訂戶占20%,更是值得參考的模式。 在影音串流領域表現佳,但目前在NYSE上,Pandora市值不到美金20億,去年營收近12億,四年來都一樣,小虧。併掉了Rdio之後也不會有改善。 讀者可以參考華爾街日報的這篇文章: Pandora Media Swings to Loss Amid Higher Expenses Web-radio-service Pandora Media Inc. on Thursday swung to a loss in its…