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June 4, Special and Indeed Controversial

2018 - 06 - 06

Two days ago, news coverages in the Greater China region all focused on the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, in a cohesive and almost obnoxiously repetitive manner. Yet, all the way across the pacific ocean, major news like the WP, WSJ, and NYT, all covered a shocking Supreme Court decision, of which ruled for a Colorado baker who refused to make wedding cake for a gay couple based on his Christian belief.

“Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s 7-to-2 decision focused on what he described as religious bias on the part of Colorado Civil Rights Commission members who ruled against baker Jack Phillips, who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop.”

The Supreme Court made a landmark decision on the Obergefell v. Hodges case, which requires all 50 states of the U.S to perform and recognize same-sex marriages. However, with the Colorado baker’s case, it is interesting to see that religion beliefs, as protected by the First Amendment, trumps the recognition of same-sex marriage. The importance of this decision and the foreseeable waves of protests or disputes following this decision shall not taken lightly. Yet, not much was mentioned in the Chinese news, which we find very troublesome.

Source: Supreme Court Ruling Ducks Conflict Between Religious, Gay Rights – WP


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Three Objectives of Internal Controls

Each company has own objectives to accomplish. Common ones probably are the annual sales targets, the number of new businesses to expand, or something like that. 每一家企業都會有自己希望能夠達成的目標,最常聽聞的可能是希望今年的營業額達到多少、預計擴張幾家營業據點之類的。當然,公司有大有小,經營的項目也千奇百怪,各公司企業欲達到的目標自然也是推陳出新的了。 我們前面也提過了,內部控制制度就像是人穿的鞋子,不可能剛好符合每個人的腳,所以每雙鞋子會因應不同的需求來設計其功能及造型,有適合運動的、符合正式場合要求的、可以爬山的等等,但是不同功能的鞋子仍然具有鞋子的基本、共通的目標-保護你的腳。 不同公司企業間當然也有共通的目標了,像是賺錢、繼續生存就是每家企業都會有的目標。內部控制制度就是針對一些企業間共通的目標,來提供經營者控制企業活動的過程及方法。 COSO委員會所提出的內部控制三大目標,分別是營運的效果與效率、財務文件的正確性以及法令規範的遵循,以下這三大目標就是每一家企業都需要追求的目標。 (一)營運的效果與效率 當我們談到企業營運的「效果」,其實就是在談這家企業東西賣不賣的出去、賺不賺的到錢,營利是企業存在的最原始、最本質的目的了,縱然賺錢不是企業存在的唯一目的,也不能否認它的重要性。營運的效率則是指企業所掌握的資源(人力、時間、金錢、設備)是否被有效的利用。 舉例來說,今天有A、B兩家企業,當年淨獲利都是一億新台幣,我們會認為這兩家企業的營運是有效果的;而談到營運效率的時候我們可能會去觀察A、B的資本額以及員工人數多寡,發現A為資本額三千萬,30人的小型公司、B則是擁有五十億資本員工近千人的大企業,B相較於A就顯的相當的沒有效率。    由此可見,企業光是賺錢還不夠,企業還必需學習如何妥善的運用其所擁有的資源來提高利潤,企業的經營要效果與效率並重,這是內部控制制度非常關心的一個部份。 (二)財務文件的正確性…