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Subscription Based OTT Services: Cancel Anytime

2018 - 02 - 01

“Kevin Clarkson subscribed to CBS’s All Access streaming TV service shortly before the network’s “Star Trek” reboot premiered in September. He plans to cancel it soon after the season finale.” – WSJ

Streaming service providers not only provide quality video content for their users but also impeccable customer service experiences, of which the freedom to cancel the subscriptions at any time becomes an essential part of their services.

This flexibility, unfortunately, leads to a higher level of cancellation rate than in traditional TV, of which usually requires an annual contract with a deposit of sort. Therefore, streaming service providers, especially subscription based like Netflix, need to spend more on customer retention and development, in the expectation many customers will leave anytime.

According to WSJ, Netflix loses about 7% of its subscribers each year, which is pretty low comparing to many other smaller service providers who can lose more than 50% per year. Although most streaming services are relatively inexpensive comparing to traditional cable, many subscribers still try to “gaming the system a bit”, such as password sharing and unsubscribing regularly.

We think that the core value of OTT services shall be bridging the supply and demand, not simply boosting paid members with negative cash flow. An OTT service provider should attract users with sufficient metadata and content,  and collects user behavior and data for advertisers to place more effective ads, the ad revenue shall then be shared with the original content provider. Because in essence, Google and Facebook make money from ads, not original content.

Source:  Streaming TV’s Problem: Subscribers Cancel Service When Their Favorite Shows Are Over – WSJ Business 

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According to the “Code of Internal Controls System Establishment for Public Traded Companies”: Public traded companies should review the effectiveness of its internal controls system annually. 根據「公開發行公司建立內部控制制度處理準則」之規定1,公開發行公司應該每年自行檢查內部控制制度執行的有效性,內容必須涵蓋所有的內部控制制度,同時公司本身要訂出一套內部控制制度自行檢查作業之程序與方法,將檢查結果製作成內部控制聲明書之後呈報主管機關備查。 根據實證研究報告所蒐集之問卷指出2,在這個「內控自評」之過程當中,內部稽核單位會遇到的困難除了前述所提及的人力不足、資源有限之外,還會出現公司內部機密資料不易取得、資訊運用欠缺的問題。 讀者或許會納悶,公司內部的稽核部門,或是其他部門如業務、行銷部門既然都同屬一家公司,理應容易取得其他部門的資料才是,又為何會有此種所謂「內部機密資料不易取得」而無法稽核的情況呢? 事實上,不難想像在一家頗有規模的公開發行公司當中,各個部門各司其職,而且在資料的管理上也是分由各種不同部門負責,而通常內部稽核部門因其職責所在,容易被其他部門視為找麻煩的部門,如果內部稽核部門不受到管理階級如總經理、董事長的大力支持的話,其他部門當然不會願意提供稽核部門真正所需要的資料,畢竟,沒有人會願意自接瘡疤的。 如果沒有相關的業務資料及文件,也會造成內部稽核人員的工作內容無法受到監督,內部稽核單位的工作是監督、查核各單位的業務,而內部稽核人員本身也必須受到董事會的的監督3,但是如果內部稽核人員所繳交的稽核報告當中都沒有各業務單位的原始資料、證據,董事會根本無法監督其工作內容,內部稽核單位有沒有認真執行任務不得而知。 如此一來,得不到應有的資料根本無法確實稽核相關業務,也無法再被董事會監督4,內部稽核報告內未附工作底稿及相關資料是一個實務上常見的缺失,必須受到企業經營者的重視。 1. 請參「公開發行公司建立內部控制制度處理準則」第22 條。 2.…

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