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A boutique firm with unparalleled expertise in business and technology. We have good command of industrial ecology and legal practice, and have undertaken highly regarded cases. Because the small business scope, we pay more emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency, and choose clients with deliberation. The managing partner not only has extensive experiences in various legal issues more over than 20 years, but invests and manages several technology companies. In addition, he always checks each case rigorously. Clients’ business objectives are our primary focus. To achieve the same in the most cost-effective fashion trumps all seemingly sophisticated legal discussions.

Drug Prices in Taiwan Are Too Low

2016 - 10 - 28

In U.S, there usually is a co-payment charged at the pharmacies for most prescription drugs. Even for one or two generic drugs, you are paying tens of dollars.

美國人看醫生拿處方箋,到藥局領藥多半都有自負額 (co-payment),而且金額還不低;一次門診即便只是開給你普通的學名藥一兩種,進了藥局都得噴掉幾十鎂,萬一是仍在專利期內的原廠藥或罕病藥就更別提了。所以,真的有不少窮老美在看完醫生、確認完藥價後,就低頭抱病回家養病了;畢竟如果真的掏錢買藥,小孩就會沒飯吃、繳不起學費啊!

Brand-name drug prices rose an average just over 11% a year from 2011 to 2015




What’s Happening With Drug Prices?

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