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Apple Music Comes at Full Speed

2015 - 06 - 07

Apple looks beyond iTunes with launch of its streaming service

「When Apple unveils a new music streaming service at the Worldwide Developers Conference, it will largely leave behind its 15-year-old iTunes brand.

The company’s competitor to streaming pioneers such as Spotify and Pandora, the radio service, will simply be called Apple Music.

Co-founder Steve Jobs described iTunes as the earliest manifestation of the “intersection of technology and the liberal arts”. But from now on, it will remain only as the name of the old download store…….」

  1. 每一支iOS裝置都會被強制裝載(出廠預載或軟體更新)。
  2. 在手機上付費流程,只要點幾下就完成,整個完封大勝Spotify與KKBOX。


  1. 不必與電信公司分帳。


  1. Apple當年靠iPod與iTunes重新站起來。因此,音樂在精神理念上對其非常重要,但所帶來的營收盈餘根本不重要(市值都已上看一兆美元了),所以縱然完全不賺錢都能做下去(比方說,如果有一天,Apple把錄音/詞曲/公開傳輸等著作權人的總拆分比拉高到85%… 如此一來,它既能賺到版權人的掌聲與跪謝、Taylor Swift又肯定願意讓它上架、再搏得了蘋果挺音樂的好名、又順便打敗了其他的音樂串流業者。)
  2. Apple硬體上的毛利概抓50%、AppStore躺著也能靠其他app業者賺進30%,這種辛苦向他人每年換約拿授權的內容產業怎麼賺也賺不了這麼多,拆分比根本就是業界半公開的秘密。所以,Apple只要靠更強的內容來賣硬體就好,IT業裡有誰能這麼做? 而且,玩了音樂串流之後接下來呢? Netflix的Reed Hastings不知道有無思量出對策?


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