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Digital Media Business Model : Advertising or Patronage ?

A well-written, 3000 words new report with a unique point of view versus a fluff shared fanatically on social media, which has a higher value?
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Thoughts on China’s “Red Supply Chain”

For many years, having consulted clients on their businesses in different markets and practiced mergers and acquisitions in various fields. We fully understand how scale of the domestic market impact the business model design. 多年來,我們協助客戶在各地市場攻城掠地,再加上本身的併購和投資交易操作,我們對於「本地市場之大小,對商業模式之影響 」這樣的題目是非常有心得的。 台灣現在才在講紅潮來襲,狀似恐慌到不行,又突然間開始憂國憂民。請參考此篇新聞: 陸自製客機 強尬波音、空巴 「……大陸自主設計、研製的首款大型商用客機C919,歷經七年努力,首架飛機2日下線亮相,將進入地面試驗階段,預計最快2016年上半進行首飛。未來將與美國波音公司與歐洲空中巴士,共同爭奪全球中短程窄體客機市場。
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