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The Compliance of a Product Launch – The Controversial Case of Uber

The nature of law is a powerful type of value judgments. The way we make laws has a lot to do with our history, culture, ethics, customs, race, and forms of government, etc.
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Lack of Knowledge in Law, A Cog Could Break The Machine

We have been the legal counsel for the company for a decade. It is a listed company in Taiwan, has a healthy growth in sales and EPS year over year and its stock price looks great. 擔任A公司的常年法律顧問已經十幾年了。它在台上市,類股中的資優生,年年營收及EPS正成長,股價漂亮。公司高層和我們互動順暢,各種跨境交易、併購、智財權和勞資上的疑難雜症也都責成我們處理。 A有個美國大客戶,超級buyer,B公司。B打算和A進一步更緊密合作,並逐年擴大向A的採購,因此請A提供各項成本費用的數據,希望在精算後,訂出的交易模式更能確保雙方之共同長久利益;為此,B找了一家會計師事務所C來辦這件事。算著算著,發現A有個國外工廠在3年前出了一筆貨給B,那筆貨的成本帳上列了一條金額US$200的項目,既沒有原始憑證,又囫圇用 “Miscellaneous” (雜項)
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