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Is Stable Coin Stable Enough?

The so-called stable coin, USDT, has dropped significantly against USD on 10/15. While USDT typically values in a range of 0.99 to 1.01 when compared against USD, it dropped to as low as 0.85 on the Kraken exchange on 10/15.
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Healthcare vs. Drug Price

Media in Taiwan has been reporting that drug price investigations result in low drug prices and pharmaceutical companies threaten to leave Taiwan.
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Glut in China’s Housing Market

Murky Data Add to China’s Housing Headache Glut in China’s property market is worse than official data show, creating a drag on economic growth. …… China’s inventory of unsold homes is equal, on a square-foot basis, to more than six
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Internal Controls Cannot Prevent Executive Fraud ?

Chairwoman of Procomp had constantly made fake transaction with BVI to boost its financial reports. The internal staff might had been reluctant to disclose the criminal activities, but the accounting firm which approved all financial reports should have been able
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Digital Document Management

In the previous chapter, we explained the importance of Document Management and the consequence of the lack of one. Next, we are going to elaborate on not only Document Management but Digital Document Management. 【第參章 – 搞定內控五】   電子化文件管理 前面我們說明了文件管理的重要性以及缺乏文件管理的後果。接下來我們要繼續深入闡述,我們要的不僅僅是文件管理,而是「電子化的文件管理」! 企業為什麼需要電子化文件管理?電子化文件管理能夠給企業帶來什麼優勢?必須電子化文件管理的第一個重要原因就是「完整保存企業內的所有文件」。電子化之文件管理系統必須要能夠將企業內所產生的文件立即備分,該系統也必須要能夠對於企業內文件的新增、修改及刪除都能有完整之紀錄。除此之外,對於企業內負責處理電子化文件管理系統之員工要經過適當之認證,比如說取得內部稽核師1(Certified
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