Make iPhone in U.S ? Big Talk From Trump

Ivan Liu Global Perspectives

Trump had appealed for to move its manufacturing from China to U.s, to create more jobs. From our perspective, by no means will Trump save the sad American workers in Rust Belt.

川普在選前屢次點名 Apple,呼籲 Apple 將 搬回美國製造,希望創造更多就業機會。不過就我們看來,就算川普用盡一切手段,祭出反傾銷之類的手段整死中國印度製造,還是救不了Rust Belt裡沒工作、沒尊嚴的「可悲老美」。

簡單講,一個在中國的EMS廠,工人數動輒五萬十萬起跳(全球Apple的員工數才不過十萬多一點,咱們不妨問問庫克,五十萬人的鄭州iPhone廠他會不會管),人人住宿舍,集中管控,隨時都得為了流程產線更改(嗯,這是根據哪裡來的指示啊?! 是中國人還是台灣人啊?!)搞到翻天覆地。就算消費者或廠商吞得下去工資的差異數,也沒有半個美國鄉鎮(總不會想把這種EMS廠蓋在租金沒人負擔得起的矽谷吧)能給出這麼多乖乖的勞動力啊。


Yet many of the economists in the survey agree with Mr. Smith that the biggest reason so many fewer people work in today’s factories are advances in automation. Improvements in assembly-line technologies and the deployment of industrial robots allow U.S. manufacturers to produce more goods than ever before, but with much smaller work forces. Even if all outsourcing were ended immediately, the march of technology would put steady downward pressure on manufacturing employment.

Economists Doubt the U.S. Can Regain Many of the Factory Jobs Lost in Recent Decades